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Can my Commander give us an APFT test every quarter?

Our commander is giving our unit a PT Test every quarter. Is this acceptable?

Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School

Technically yes, this is within regulation. While I would consider administering the test quarterly to be a little excessive, the regulation gives each commander the ability to administer the APFT as often as he or she wishes to do so. If only two tests are taken a year, they must be separated by at least four months. This requirement does not apply when the test is administered four times a year.

AR 350-1:

Commanders may administer the APFT as often as they wish; however, they must specify beforehand when the results are for record. The AA and Active  Guard/Reserve (AGR) Soldiers will take the APFT at least twice each calendar year. A minimum of 4 months will separate record tests if only two record tests are given. The intent is for the Active Army and the AGR Soldiers to take a record APFT every 6 months. Mission requirements often prevent the even spacing of record tests. Therefore, commanders are encouraged to test Soldiers for record as close to the record test window as possible.

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Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School

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  • SFC T


    CSM great info

    Can you shed any light on when a command uses this to harass a particular Soldier especially after the Soldier has passed their APFT and the unit is preventing the Soldier from transferring out to another unit

  • manny mayweather


    Good piece – I was enlightened by the information – Does anyone know where I can get a sample DA 638 document to edit ?

    • Mark Gerecht


      Check the Army Publishing Directorate Website under forms. Our you can check out AWARD QUICK. It is a program that helps you write awards. There is also a book called the writer that can help with the process. You can find these products on our sister site: Mentormilitary.com

  • Part-Time-Commander


    I don’t see the value in doing this many “record” APFTs in one training year. Giving a diagnostic APFT might be a wiser decision. But each commander has the authority to do make their own judgement call.

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