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My EPS selection letter is signed, when will my promotion orders be cut?

How long does it usually take from signing an EPS selection letter until promotion orders are cut in the National Guard? I know it probably depends on the state, but a general timeframe would be helpful.

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Orders will generally be cut by the National Guard 15 to 30 days from the signing of an EPS (Enlisted Promotion System) letter. However, there are several variables that could impact that time. Here are a few:

EPS List

Where are you on the EPS list? Are you number one or number eight? If you’re number one, that’s good. If you number eight, that could slow the processing of your promotion orders. If you not number one, every Soldier who is above you on the list must be contacted and given the right to accept or decline the promotion. If a Soldier is in Afghanistan, the head quarters command in your state must forwarded the letter thru the Chain of Command (which can cause delays) to the Soldier. Once a Soldier is contacted, each Soldier is required to sign a letter of acceptance or declination (which could take additional time if the Soldier is overseas) and the letter must be returned to head quarters (which takes time).

Records validation

As part of the process, a final validation check of each Soldier’s records must be performed. Records include: APFT, NCOES, college records, awards and MOS qualifications to include the slot or MOS position. Any discrepancies will need to be investigated.


More people will take time off at the end of the year or the holiday season. Between December 15th and January 3rd, there is a slowdown in processing any type of promotion paperwork due to a (temporary) lack of personnel.

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John is a retired Command Sergeant Major with 7 years of experience on Active Duty and 30 years experience in the Army Reserve. John’s military areas of expertise include Missiles, Ordnance, Chemical, and Food Service. John has a degree in Electrical Engineering and is retired from Chrysler Corporation. He is currently employed by a defense contractor as a Senior Production Engineer. John is the Vice President of Army Reserve Affairs for the Redstone/Huntsville Chapter of the Association of the United States Army and former president of North Alabama Veterans Coalition. John and his wife received the Military Family of the Year award in 2008 and will be receiving the 2011 Spirit of America, Support of Military Family award in July for their long history of volunteer work in support of soldiers and their families.

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The Board Master - Army Promotion Board Study Guide

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  • Anonymous


    Please help I need a serious answer before I go to IG. I am number 1 on the list for my MOS in Texas I was told there has to be a vacancy in my brigade, but I put unlimited, there soldiers under (number 13-17) who got promoted already. I have BLC and all I keep getting told is the brigades like to promote within their brigade . I chose unlimited and I’m number 1, why am I getting looked over or is the system suppose to keep the good ok boy system in play? I need to know please, can someone help?

    • Shawn


      Questions about your comment; 1) you’re number 1 but you say you have BLC, which is a requirement for E5 promotion. At E5 level, there is no number 1 only promotion points. Please clarify. 2) If you are being passed over, are you sure that your Command has Recommended you for promotion? Have you completed your promotion board? 3) If you are of higher grade, (E6 or higher), there has to be a realy good reason why they would skip over you. The way I understand is that they would actually recycle you to a lower number not just skip you.

    • -Top


      I am seeking some clarification to your situation:

      I am under the impression that you are in the Texas National Guard? If so, you are stating that you are number 1 on the OML (order of merit list) for Texas, under your MOS? What is your current pay grade/rank?

      With the new STEP that took affect last EPS the NCOES requirements have been elevated for promotion within the US Army. SSDs and NCOES at higher levels are required for junior NCO promotions.

      Without specific answers I can not assist you in your cause.


      For SPC/CPL to SGT and SGT to SSG, Soldiers are awarded points, those points translate to your position on the OML. Therefore, the Soldier with the most accumulated points will hold the number 1 spot on the OML and by regulation (as long as everything falls into place, i.e. no flags — not MND, passed APFT, is within height and weight — and falls within the distance selected on his/her DA 4100) is the first up to be promoted within the state.

  • Juan Reynoso


    Good Evening. I updated my promotion points on the 14 of this month and it hit the system on the 19th. Points came out today and I had the points but was not on the by name list. Should I be getting promoted or was I late?

    • SGT NICK


      You are either being audited or you didnt make it in time. Please get with your unit S1 to find out.

      • SSG ARMY


        You have to have the points updated by the 8th of every month.

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