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How Can I Obtain my Total Service Time if I served in More Than One Service?

I was in the Active Navy, Reserve Navy, Reserve Guard, Reserve Navy and then finally the Reserve Army and then IRR via the Army. Is there someplace I can contact where the Army could tell me what they have as my total service for retirement?

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Human Resource Command (HRC)

The best place I can point you to is the Human Resource command website.



  1. Once on the HRC site select my records This will require either an AKO email address and password or a DS LOGON user name and password.  I believe you can create a DSLOGON if you don’t have one on the next screen.
  2. Then select Reserve/Retiree/Veteran Records. It will bring up all your records.
  3. Then click on documents and all of your DD form 214’s should be listed.
  4. You can then add up all of your time in Army service by using these documents.
  5. If you have your discharge documents from each service you can add up the total time using those documents.


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The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

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