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Can an inaccurate counseling statement stop my PCS?

I recently had an NCO give me a counselling that I was told was written wrong because it was written in 1st person. It also contained incorrect information. The counselor recommended UCMJ action against me well over a month ago. Now it is time for me to PCS to another unit and my leave form was kicked back by my commander for Adverse Action. Could this be because of this counselling? If so, is there anything I can do about the counselling being written wrong in the first place? I did disagree to the counselling but never got a chance to write a rebuttal. Is there anything I can do to get on with my PCS or get this counselling thrown out?

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Writing a counseling statement in the first-person perspective is not a problem. If the counseling does not contain the facts as they occurred then you have a chance to work through this issue with your chain of command.

If UCMJ was recommended and an adverse action flag was initiated it is common practice that you be informed, however it is not necessarily required. It is possible that your leave was rejected based on the adverse action flag. It is not uncommon for Article 15’s to take several weeks to process through the system.

You indicated you disagreed with the counseling. I would encourage you to write your rebuttal in an unemotional, clam, and professional manner based on the facts and provide statement from any witnesses you may have. Once you have completed this I would encourage you to see the Commander/1SG on open door policy to see if your side of the story is enough to stop any pending action. You need to understand that since you did not put your side of the story in the session closing box of the counseling statement the Chain of Command has nothing to go on except what the NCO wrote.

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The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

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