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Can an Article 15 proceeding be conducted in front of a formation?

Having a dispute with higher NCOs, can a Article 15 be presented to the SM during a company formation in front of the SM's peers? Is there regulations that protects the SM? I believe this is wrong to do and two, something like this needs to be done behind closed doors with the SM's squad/platoon leaders and/or 1SG/CO.

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The punishment can be read out loud at the next formation.  The punishment can be posted to the unit bulletin board. The Soldier can request an open hearing which could potentially be in front of a formation if you wanted to push the definition.  However I don’t believe it is appropriate.  In addition to have a public hearing the Soldier must request a public hearing.

So based on the information you provided I do not see an Article 15 proceeding being conducted in front of a formation.  I would see this as inappropriate and potentially illegal.  I view it as vindictive and belittling to the Soldier.

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