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What do I do if my award recommendation was lost?

I was recommended for an award but it appears it was lost. What can I do?

SPECIAL NOTE: As you may know HRC moved from Alexandria VA to Fort Knox, KY but most regulations have not been updated yet.  There fore if you are attempting to contact them reference an award issue you might want to:

1. emailing this office and ask for an updated address:  USARMY.KNOX.HRC.MBX.TAGD-AWARDS@MAIL.MIL
2. Or Mailing your Inquiry to:
Human Resource Service Center
Commander, USA HRC, ATTN : (AHRC–PDO–PA),
Fort Knox, KY 40121

AR 600-8-22 outlines specific requirements for lost awards.  See paragraph 1-15 of the regulation. It states in part:

…the proponent for an award provides the following to Commander, USA HRC, ATTN : (AHRC–PDO–PA), Alexandria, VA 22332–0471:
a. Conclusive evidence of the formal submission of the recommendation into military channels.
b. Conclusive evidence of the loss of the recommendation or the failure to act on the recommendation through inadvertence.
c. A copy of the original recommendation, or its substantive equivalent. As a minimum, the recommendation should be accompanied by statements, certificates, or affidavits corroborating the events or services involved. It is emphasized that the proponent must provide Commander, USA HRC, ATTN: AHRC–PDO–PA, Alexandria, VA 22332–0471, with adequate information for Secretarial evaluation of the deed or service to determine if an award is to be made. The person signing a reconstructed award recommendation must be identified clearly in terms of his or her official relationship to the intended recipient at the time of the act or during the period of service to be recognized.

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Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software

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