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How can I get my orders deleted? My child has a life threatening condition.

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I need my orders to be Deleted due to a dependent child life threatening medical condition, and due to Covid 19 he is at high risk as well, he recent has a mental crisis and depression requiring Stabilization and continuation of treatment might take longer than 1 year. Branch Manager told me to fill a 4187. My question is: Should I apply for a 3739 Compassionate reassignment as well as the 4187 or should apply for a 4 year Stabilization at my current duty station? How long does a 3739 grant? I will like for my son to have the 4 year Stabilization but I don’t know which are the requirements to obtain it.

This response is based solely on the information you provided and should not be used to make a decision.  Do your own research, speak with your chain of command and/or the IG/JAG before making a decision

I served as a Branch Manager so I am very familiar with the process.  The key is to speak with your branch manager and ask which option has the better chance of success.  Keep in mind if you have come up on orders it means you are in the sequence to rotate.  If you are deleted from these orders you could very easily come up on orders again in 6-12 months or even sooner.

Compassionate Option: Now to your specific question. If there is a true medical issue that can be resolved in less than one year you can put in for a compassionate but to make your case and improve your chances of success you will need to have letters from doctors and lay persons (family members, pastor, friends, caregivers, etc.) as to why it is critically important that you be deleted from orders.  If the medical condition will take more than a year to resolve it is not normally considered a case for a compassionate. 

Stabilization Option: Not sure why you would be requesting a stabilization that is usually for something like a high school senior or special duty assignment.

Continue with Your Assignment Option: If the assignment you have received is not a bad a assignment and medical care for your child is available at the new location you might want to consider taking this assignment as you don’t know what the next one will be if you are deleted from this assignment.  

Short Tour Option: You might want to consider working a deal with your branch manager something like you go on a short tour now with a guaranteed return assignment to your current location.  This way your child has medical access, stabilization at your current location and upon return from the short tour you should have a 2-3 stabilization.  It’s a win win as the Army gets to move you and you get to keep your child at the same location…and return back to the same location with stabilization.  I know a short tour is not the greatest choice but it is an option.

Special Duty Assignment Option: You could see if a special duty assignment is available at your current installation like and Equal Opportunity Advisor.  You could attend training return to your current location and be stabilized for 3 years (chances are small but it’s worth discussing). 

Work with Your Branch Manager: Make your branch manager your friend.  Show them you are willing to work with them and that you are not just trying to get out of an assignment.  When they know you are not just trying to get out of orders they are more likely to work with you because that opens up other opportunities.  Also keep in mind sometimes their hands are tied as some assignment are high priority and difficult to be deleted from.  Hope this Helps. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube:  MENTOR MILITARY



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