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TM 4-48.10 Multiservice Helicopter Sling Load: Single-Point Load Rigging Procedures

The Evaluator - Army Evaluation & Counseling Guide

All services participate in the sling load certification program. This manual includes standardized rigging procedures and other information from that program. It contain rigging procedures for single-point loads which have been certified for sling load. It contain rigging procedures which have not been certified but have demonstrated acceptable static lift and flight characteristics during a flight test.

NOTES: TM 4-48.10 supersedes FM 4-20.198 : FM 4-20.198 supersedes FM 10-450-4  : This manual is one of a series of manuals for aviation and ground personnel who perform helicopter sling load missions ashore or aboard ship. Other manuals in this series are FM 10-450-3, MCRP 4-23E, VOL I, NWP 3-04.11, AFJMAN 11-223, VOL I, COMDTINST M13482.2A and FM 55-450-5, FMFRP 5-31, VOL III, NWP 42-1, VOL III, AFR 50-16, VOL III, COMDTINST M13482.4.


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