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Family Readiness Group Leader’s Command Information Pocket Guide

The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

Cover the following topics: Family readiness command information mission. Elements of an effective communications program. The Army is fully prepared and capable of executing it mission. Covered Topics Include: The Army’s leadership is also prepared and capable of taking care of Army families; the Army cares about its families and their well-being. The Global War on Terrorism is a complex, long-term campaign that requires a focused international effort; there is no quick fix. Our national leadership knows that the Global War on Terrorism involves personal losses as well as threats to our notional security, and do not make decisions lightly. The Army still takes care of its own, however, and provides resources to assist military family members in dealing with loss and grief. Continue to do your jobs well and protect the force. TRADOC’s continuing role is to train soldiers and develop leaders. Army families are the home vanguard. Children have special needs during this time. The Army is an extended family; the loss of one is a loss to all. Family readiness audiences. Family readiness communication venues. Feedback Websites FAQs: Army family member FRQs and answers. General FRQs and answers.

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