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At Asktop we want to bring our Soldiers tools to help them spend more time with their Soldiers and Less TIME on PAPERWORK.  We hope this leaderbook, helps out.

Leaders Book Example: Contains 47 pages with information or coversheets for: battalion history, nco creed, code of conduct, army values, privacy act, counseling data, nco source of information, leaders card, leave record, phone listing, chain of concern, primary used numbers, nco support channel, chain of command, scheduled events, pre-combat checklist, packing list, UCMJ, Article of the UCMJ, APFT, CTT, Weapons Qualification, Weapon Density, Promotion Criteria, promotion, sensitive items, mandatory training, srp, personnel readiness, license data, vehicle data, risk assessment, 8 step training model, required training, metl, CTA 50, Recovery phases and more
NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint




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