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To supervise… the Air Force meaning goes far beyond the definition in Webster’s: Supervise: To direct and watch over the work and performance of others. As an Air Force supervisor and rater you are a leader, and you’ll do significantly more than merely direct and watch the performance of others.

According to the AFI, as an NCO you must:

  • Consider the professional development of your subordinates as a primary responsibility. Provide career counseling, in conjunction with performance feedback, on benefits, entitlements, and opportunities available in an Air Force career
  • Possess a thorough understanding of Air Force standards, customs and courtesies while maintaining exemplary standards of behavior, including personal conduct, loyalty, and personal appearance, both on and off duty. You must exercise leadership by example and be alert to correct personnel who violate military standards
  • Observe, counsel, and correct individuals regarding on- and off-duty performance, professional relationships, and personal appearance
  • Correct marginal or substandard behavior or duty performance
  • Resolve personal problems by direct assistance or referral to appropriate agencies
  • Appropriately recognize and reward those individuals whose military conduct, bearing, and performance clearly exceed established standards
  • Plan, develop, conduct, and supervise individual and group training in technical and military subjects
  • Educate personnel on their Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP) and relate their progress to their career-path education and training. All personnel should understand how their CFETP reflects career field life-cycle education and training requirements

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