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Operations Group Stratification Quantification Guide

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This guide has been developed to assist you in stratifying and quantifying your award winners from the Wing and Group perspective for the of Senior NCO of the Year (SNCOY), NCO of the Year (NCOY), Airman of the Year (AOY), Senior NCO of the Quarter (SNCOQ), NCO of the Quarter (NCOQ), and Airman of the Quarter (AOQ) award categories. Using this guide will enable you to quickly determine the most beneficial and acceptable stratification/quantification for assigned personnel who compete in the indicated award categories. This guide is not intended to help stratify people functionally; however, keep in mind that people who are not award winners in the categories addressed by this guide should be stratified in any way possible in their respective functional area too. As you’ll see when using the guide, stratifying/quantifying someone functionally may yield better results than doing so in the categories addressed by this guide. Most folks are very good at something, and that something should be highlighted through careful articulation of the accomplishments and clear stratification/quantification.


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