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What should I do as a newly promoted member of the military with regard to leadership?

Im not in the military but I'm in the dutch scc ( sea cadet corps ) and I'm having trouble with being in charge. hope you can help with some good advise. I've been told that I will be promoted to the rank of petty officer 3d class in October as I will turn 18 by then. Only problem is that im afraid of failing and that I shut down if they push me to hard to just execute it like they would do. It has improved because I went to an army college at nco level so I got over a big part of my fear there wen I left after getting shin splints. However now that they want me to take charge I get cold feet. I have been with the guys in my unit for the last 3 years and I'm not sure if I will be able to lead them correctly as they all know that I have issues with being in charge of a rowing boat among other things. Could you please give me some advise how I should deal with it cause my unit 2ic won't let me refuse the promotion ( he was my military instructor at army college) and he knows I am able to lead and I know that I am capable of it when i put aside the doubts but I'm really insecure about it. If you could give me advise like you would with a newly promoted nco I would really appreciate it Thank you sgt-mjr

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Melissa (soon to be Petty Officer 3rd Class) and a Damn Good One,I am sure

First thanks for taking the time reach out to me. I spent 13 years in Europe working the Germans, Belgians, Dutch, etc. So I have spent some time around your military forces but in reality all military organizations run on the same foundations to a large degree and we are all people with the same issues to a large degree.

A little background about myself. I was 6 years old when my Dad returned from Vietnam. I did not remember him because he was deployed most my life. One of the first things he did was to take me to an Armed Forces Day celebration. It was there that I knew I would become a Soldier. I went on to spend 3 years in a military program in high school. I rose through the ranks of the Army quickly and I like you faced significant challenges as I was dealing with issues I have never dealt with before, leading people much older than myself, and even when I had doubts I had to be in charge.

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The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

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