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What regulation requires Soldiers E-4 and below to be counseled monthly?

Hey TOP, I am currently involved in a professional discussion with an LT. He says there is no requirement to conduct monthly counseling. I say there is. Who is right?

The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

Neither one of you are exactly correct. Currently there is no regulatory guidance that dictates monthly counseling.  AR 600-20 used to explicitly require monthly counseling.  It has been changed to read the following:

2-3. Perfomance counseling

Commanders will ensure that all members of their command recieve timely performance counseling.  Effective performance counseling of officers, noncommissioned officers (NCO), enlisted Soldiers and DA Civilians employees helps to ensure that they are prepared to carry out their duties efficiently and accomplish the mission. AR 623-3 contains counseling requirements for in conjunction with evaluation reporting requirements. Unit commanders will determine the timing and specific methods used to provide guidance and direction through counseling.  FM 6.22 provides advice and makes suggestions concerning effective counseling.  Providing regular and effective performance counseling to all Soldiers, not just those whose performance fails to meet unit standards, is a command function.  All commanders will ensure that their subordinate commanders have implemented and are maintaining an effective performance counseling program.

Therefore, the local commander should have a written policy that directs how and when counseling should be conducted with regard to E-4 and below as well as E-5 and above. It does not necessarily have to be monthly, but there is a requirement to have a counseling program in place. Consult local policy and procedures.

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The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

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  • Part-Time-Commander


    Good information, Mark. I never knew about this change. I’ve always thought monthly counseling, especially in the ARNG and USAR was a bit over the top. But I can see the value in it for Active Duty Soldiers.

    Ultimately, each Commander must decide what they think is right and publish a policy letter for their subordinates to follow.


    • Carmen Huyser


      As a spouse of an active duty member of the military, is there a way that I can obtain a copy of the published local policy or am I allowed to have access to that information? My husband was informed this week that he will be receiving a monthly council regarding his e4 promotion that they have been withholding since February and he doesn’t recall receiving any letter from his command regarding their policy. The new commander has been here since before the end of last year.

      What I want to know essentially is whether his command can do what they’re doing on such seemingly short notice and only to select soldiers.

      • Mark Gerecht


        Requirements for promotion are covered under AR 600-8-19. It can be downloaded at: AR 600-8-19. If a Soldier is fully eligible for promotion typically they are promoted without issue.

        AR 600-8-19 para 2-3

        a. The automated enlisted advancement report (AA) or, for USAR, DA Form 4187 or automated personnel system Army Reserve Advancement Eligibility Status Roster (GRA–PO1) (fig 2–1) are the official instruments used by CDRs to recommend Soldiers for promotion to SPC and below. When the CDR denies promotion, he or she may promote the Soldier on the next automated Enlisted Advancement Report, provided the Soldier is otherwise qualified

        b. Promotions to PV2, PFC, and SPC will be made automatically by the total Army personnel data base for posting to the automated personnel file and the master military pay file. ARNG and USAR Soldiers on IADT will not be promoted to SPC unless concurrence is obtained from the Soldier’s RC unit. DA Form 4187 will be used for all USAR Soldiers and all ARNGUS Soldiers awaiting IET (special advancements and split training option-phase II) and all advancements for Soldiers in a Title 10 status (including mobilization). DA Form 4187 will not be used for automatic advancements.

        c. Eligibility criteria for automatic promotion to PV2, PFC, and SPC will be as follows:
        (1) The promotion to PV2 requirement is 6 months TIS.
        (2) The promotion to PFC requirements are 12 months TIS and 4 months TIMIG.
        (3) The promotion to SPC requirements are 24 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG.
        (4) Soldiers must not be flagged or barred from reenlistment.
        (5) Any Soldier reduced must be fully qualified (without waiver) for promotion to the next higher grade.

        d. If a unit CDR elects not to recommend a Soldier for promotion on the automatic promotion date, then a DA Form 4187 denying the promotion will be submitted not later than the 20th day of the month preceding the month of automatic promotion.

        If a Soldier is being denied promotion and is fully eligible typically there is a reason. If the unit is doing counseling this tells me that they see an issue. The Soldier can always choose to see the Co Commander or BN Commander on open door policy to discuss the issue. Another option is to discuss the issue with the IG.

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