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What clothing items is the unit required to provide?

I was just issued ASUs but was only given the coat and pants. My command wants the uniform ready to wear in 30 days, but we are expected to purchase everything else on our own as far as the shirt/cover/awards/insignias and tailoring. As an enlisted Soldier, is this a reasonable request? Or is it a demand that I don't have to meet?

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This is a great question.  While the regulation is specific that a unit will provide certain services rarely does it happen.  Usually as a result of the unit trying to pinch already tight budgets.  This is definitely an issue for junior Soldiers who are usually already pinching pennies.  Here is what the regulation has to say:

AR 700-84, Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing, covers part of this. 


Paragraph 4-5,

“Replacement of initial allowances with new items. When new items, other than insignia, are adopted to replace initial allowances, enlisted soldiers on active duty tours before the effective date of the change must purchase the prescribed quantities of the new items within announced time periods. New items will be introduced with an optional phase-in period. This will give enlisted soldiers time to save the cost of the new item from their clothing replacement allowance. When initial clothing allowance items are superseded, a fair wear out period will be announced.”

 Except for insignia, enlisted Soldiers on active duty when the change occurs, are responsible for paying for the new uniforms. 

 As far as insignia goes, para 5–5 addresses this:

 Para 5-5 Issue and attachment of insignia

a. Standard color and subdued insignia are authorized for enlisted soldiers if wearing insignia is required because


(1) Grade.

(2) Years of active service.

(3) Months overseas in designated areas.

(4) Assignments.

b. Insignia, to include nametapes and nameplates, are obtained through normal supply channels.

c. Insignia, organizational, shoulder sleeve, and nametapes will be issued to enlisted soldiers at the Government’s

expense as initial issue when—

(1) Assigned to a unit.

(2) The command designation is changed.

(3) Reassigned to another command.

d. Initial and replacement nametapes are provided at no cost to enlisted members (see AR 670–1, para 28–24b(3)).

e. Insignia of rank, nametapes, and physical fitness badge will be issued, replaced and attached to enlisted soldier’s

Army class A uniforms and battledress uniforms at Government expense in the circumstances indicated below.

(1) Promotion to a higher grade.

(2) Reduction in grade.

(3) Conversion to comparable grade.

(4) Authorization and receipt of a supplemental Army Green Uniform.

(5) One Physical Fitness Badge award under provision of AR 670–1, paragraph 29–17a(6).

f. Insignias purchased from AMCSS are attached at the soldier’s expense.

g. Allowances for combat and skill badges are discussed in AR 600–8–22, chapter 8.

h. Attachment of one physical fitness badge to physical fitness clothing is authorized at Government expense for

enlisted soldiers awarded the badge under AR 670–1.

i. Replacement of insignia for enlisted soldiers will be at Government expense when garments are defective. Normal

replacement of insignia and attachment will be at the soldier’s expense.

j. Attachment of insignia is an installation or unit responsibility. Suggested methods include but are not limited to

the use of local maintenance facility or company, local off post contractor, or the AAFES concessionaire. Local

procedures should be developed.

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