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Must Soldiers complete all phases of NCOES courses to earn points?

AR 600-8-19 promotions states you have to complete all phases of BNCOC (or ALC as its known now) in order to be awarded points. The new promotions rules do not make mention of this or do not state this specifically it just states Soldiers who graduate from the course get x amount of points. Now I'm fighting Soldiers who are telling me they know Soldiers who received points for this. Before I go and start auditing all my SGTs in the unit I want to make sure there nothing out there that states otherwise. All it takes is for the S1 to add your ALC on your ERB and you get the points even if the Soldier has not completed all phases. It seems like the only guardian of said points is a well informed S1.

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There is no change to the policy that requires all phases of NCOES be completed prior to points being awarded. Like you stated, it is too easy for S1s to update the ERB stating an NCOES course is complete. I’ve seen it done before when I was working in the S1, and unfortunately it happens because S1s are either not aware of the policy or just disregard it.

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    Actually S1 can just add stuff to your ERB, its not actually a factual document in itself thats why you need to have proof of everything that is on your ERB either in your own records or uploaded to your iperms. Pull up your ATRRS unofficial transcript to see if its there. Also with your 1059 you could call your career manager at HRC (not branch manager) to see if they can help you out as well.

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    I need to know some facts about BNCOC I & II. I’ve completed both back in 07. In 09 I went through a divorce. My wife took and kept all my military records. In 2010, I was looked at for SFC and everything was fine. Now in 2011 HRC email me with the “Varification” for all my records and I did. 2 Days later they said that I’m not elegible because I need to finish BNCOC Ph I!!! I have searched for answers and fought to get some help, but it’s not on my OMPF (It was last year), and I can’t contact the actual place that came to Alaska to teach the class via satellite. It’s been on my ERB for the past 5 yrs and my question is: Wasn’t it then, that you couldn’t get your 1059 for “BNCOC” until “BOTH” phases were complete? I remember I recieved a “Certificate of Completion” for Phase I then after finishing phase II, I got my 1059. Also, don’t you need both before S1 will put it on your ERB? Please help!! I’m having to do Phase I “AGAIN” but this time it’s online.


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