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Can a Leader Other Then the One Annotated on the Counseling Form Counsel a Soldier? Is it Legal to do this?

Is it legal to have someone else counsel a soldier other than the one named on the actual counseling statement? I have situation in which I was counseled by a leader however that leader's name did not appear anywhere on the counseling form. For example my squad leader wrote the counseling but my platoon sergeant gave me the counseling actual counseling session.

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This is inappropriate based on the information you provided. Potentially illegal and potentially falsifying a government document.


BLUF:  The counseling represents the event as it occurred. Therefore, the name on the counseling will be the name of the individual actually conducting the counseling.  In most cases this would be the individual who personally observed the behavior.



There are several way to fix this issue:

  1. Do nothing. Does it really matter?  Is this worth the fight?
  2. Counselor cross out the incorrect name and inserts their information
  3. You disagree with the counseling statement and make a note as to what actually happened.


Ultimately the choice is yours.  Choose wisely.








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