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Fully eligible for promotion but unit won’t send me to the board

I transferred to my current unit in Sep of this year. I took my PT test and I was flagged for AFPT failure and being overweight. Later, I passed my AFPT and made weight. The flag was lifted. Since then, I have not been counseled for promotion or sent to the board. Every time I ask, I get the answer "we will look at it next month." I meet the time grade (over 4 years) and time in service (14 years) requirements and have completed WLC. What course of action do I have? I have not been counseled for promotion from any level of my chain of command. If I go to my first line, he just brushes it off and never follows up with it. My 1SG has never had a good thing to say about my mos (I am a 13F). What can I do?

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If you have not been counseled and are fully eligible for promotion in the primary zone you cannot be denied appearing before the promotion board. That said, be careful what you ask for. In other words, make sure you have your stuff together before you stir the pot.

You need to take this matter through your chain of command. I would recommend you see your squad leader and ask to see the 1SG and Commander on open door policy. The commander and 1SG will not deny you the ability to see them on open door.

Once you have their attention respectfully and professionally request their assistance in appearing before the promotion board. Provide them the reference that states you should be allowed to appear before the board. Ninety-nine percent of the time you will appear before the next board. Then the ball is in your court and you need to make sure your uniform is ready and that you are properly prepared. If you fail the board it is on you.

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Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples

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  • Joshua


    I have Soldier that is fully competent, knows his job, meets TIG and TIS, has no negative counseling; he wishes to go to promotion board, but his 1st line leader and 1st SGT have told him that he “has to” attend a Company and Soldier of the month board first! is this true? when confronted the 1st sGT stated that that is what the BN SGM’s policy, yet there is nothing i writing. please advice.

    • Mark Gerecht


      Based on the information you provide the Soldier should be sent to the board without question. I have seen chains of command that require Soldiers to attend unit boards first. The reasoning is usually: it exposes the Soldier to the board process giving them a better chance of passing the promotion board and it also identifies Soldiers that might be worthy candidates for participating in the NCO/Soldier of the Quarter board process.

      Is it correct no! What to do is the question. So should the Soldier complain? Should the Soldier go to the IG and complain? Should the Soldier request to see the CSM on open door policy? Should the Soldier just go through the process and get some experience and potentially become a Soldier or NCO of the Quarter that will give them some additional recognition? Only the Soldier can make that determination. Sometimes when life gives you lemons you need to make lemonade. The Soldier needs to look at the issue from a holistic approach and make their decision after they have examined it from all sides. The last thing you want to do is win the battle and lose the war.

      Hope this helps.

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