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Do I have to ask Soldiers taking the APFT if they feel ill before we start the APFT?

Do I have to ask the Soldiers taking the APFT if they feel well enough to take the test?

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Great question!

YES, you should ask the question and ill Soldiers should not be required to take the APFT.

While FM 7-22 does not specific address this it does state that Soldier who are fatigued or ill should not be tested. So therefore I would say “Yes” Soldiers need to be asked to fall out if they are ill or fatigued. I would recommend they report to the Senior person to determine if their reason meets the criteria established in FM 7-22.

Here is an extract of FM 7-22 appendix A page A-2


A-8. The commander should ensure that testing is consistent with regard to events, scoring, clothing, equipment, and facilities. Testing should be planned to permit each Soldier to perform at his maximal level and should ensure the following:

  •  Soldiers are not tested when fatigued or ill.
  •  Soldiers do not participate in tiring duties before taking an APFT.
  •  Weather and environmental conditions do not inhibit physical performance.
  •  Risk analysis is conducted.

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