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Do Article 15’s and counseling statements transfer to a new unit if my current unit is shutting down?

I am being transfer to a new brigade because my brigade is shutting down. Do my Article 15's and counseling statements stay with my old unit?

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Short Answer

That Depends


This situation is a little different because the Soldier is transferring due to a unit disbanding.  AR 27-10 covers retention of Article 15’s.  If the Soldier is an E-4 or below, then an Article 15 is not forwarded to HRC, it only stays in the local file for two years or until the Soldier PCS’s to a new GCMCA.  The key issue here is the Soldier is probably staying in the same division, so the GCMCA (General Courts-Martial Convening Authority) will stay the same.  Technically, the Soldier’s entire counseling packet could follow him to his new unit.  Whether that happens or not is up to the unit and the OPORD that is directing the move.

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