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Can my rater falsify counseling dates on my NCOER?

My rater called me in to sign my NCOER. It contained counseling dates that never happened. He presented me with counseling statements that were back dated to match the NCOER. What does my signature on the NCOER mean? Is this legal? Can he force me to sign?

Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples

It is not appropriate to place information on official documents that is not factual. It is wrong to place counseling dates on an NCOER if these dates did not occur as indicated on the evaluation report.

If the performance counseling sessions did not occur, the rater should remove the falsified dates. The senior rater then makes a comment as to why the counseling was not conducted IAW AR 623-3.

Your signature on the NCOER means that you agree the dates of counseling are correct among other things. For an in-depth explanation see: What does my signature mean on the NCOER? or consult AR 623-3.

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  • COL Bobroski


    Can a Soldier request a commander’s inquiry or appeal before they sign the NCOER?

  • mac


    That’s false information, where is the integrity?



    As long as it was a good NCOER I would just sign it, you may not like your future counseling dates otherwise.

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