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Can my former supervisor counsel me for taking action approved by my new supervisor?

A couple of months ago I had some trouble with my Supervisor, an E-4(P). Her supervisor (E-5) moved me to work for him and he took care of my EOM counseling and everything. During that time, the E-4(P) continued to text me. Because of the history between us, I thought It would be safer for me to block her numbers from my phone so that I wouldn't be tempted to respond hot-headedly. Before I blocked her numbers, I asked the E-5 if it would be okay to do so and he told me yes until things cooled down. After I blocked her, all three of us sat down and discussed the problems. I told both of them that I had her number blocked. That was two weeks ago. Today she came to my barracks room and asked me if I had gotten her text or phone calls. I told her no and when she asked why, I responded that I had blocked her. She told me that I shouldn't have done that (yelled at me) and that I had to fix it right then and there and that I couldn't shut the door until I had done so. Since I am an E-3 I followed the E-4’s order. Then she sends me another text moments later telling me that she is my supervisor again and that she will be giving me a negative counseling statement. What courses of action do I have? I plan to mark Disagree and explain I had permission to block her number because of her unprofessional behavior. Should I refuse to sign the counseling statement?

Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples

There are no rules for what you can and can’t be counseled about.

That being said, if you informed the E-4 that you had blocked her in the meeting with the SGT and the SGT had given you permission to block her to allow things to cool down, I do not see any problems for you. The fact that she may now be your supervisor again confuses me. Was the issue resolved? Did the SGT inform you that she was your supervisor again?

Bottom-line, I do not believe she can justify counseling you for blocking her. If she does counsel you, mark disagree on the counseling statement. Do not refuse to sign a counseling statement. Read Should I refuse to sign counseling statements I do not agree with? for details.

Respectfully disagree

My recommendation would be to disagree and request a reasonable time-frame to respond to the counseling statement by writing, “I request 24 hours to properly prepare my response to this counseling.” If the leader refuses write, “My request was rejected by [Rank/Name] (Please see attached sheet).” You then attach a separate sheet with your comments. Be calm and professional.

Request a copy of the counseling statement. You are entitled to a copy.

Seek assistance

Once the counseling session is completed and you have a copy of the counseling request, to see the 1SG/CDR on open door policy and present your case. Present the facts, be professional and unemotional. If there is something wrong I am confident your chain of command will address it. You may want to try and get copies of the text messages the E-3 was sending you or at least show your phone records documenting incoming text from her. Depending on the contents of the text they may be considered harassment.

Most leaders want to do what is right and when you request assistance from leaders who are not emotionally involved in the issue at hand you tend to get reasonable and rational solutions.

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