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Can I request course credit for WLC if I have prior USAF leadership schooling?

Why are the USMC courses considered equivalent to Army courses when Air Force and Navy are not? I went through Airman Leadership School. The basics are the same for training NCOs-to-be. I just found out that I have to attend WLC because of this AR. Obviously I am in the Army now and have been for almost 4 years with almost 13 years of active service. WLC is a waste of my time. Is there anything that will get this rule changed?

Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School

In my experience AF leadership schools have not traditionally been considered equivalent in the Army or Marines. Usually Army and Marine transfer to each other but rarely does AF transfer in, except in technical courses. Maybe we just think we are tougher.

However there is hope. AR 350-1 paragraph 3-18 allows individuals to request course credit.

With your time in service, time in grade, prior AF training, and Army experience I am sure you have a good chance of achieving course credit. I would encourage you to find a list of current tasks being taught in WLC and compare that with the training you received in AF leadership school. Consider your current ability to perform those tasks. I would then try to get letters from senior members of your chain of command (Platoon Sergeant, 1SG, Commander, CSM) to support your request based on performance and observations of your performance. You may also wish to include your NCOERs. A well built packet will provide you a good shot at obtaining course credit. Add to that the time/money it would save the military and assist in reducing the queue of WLC candidates.

Based on the information you provided I think you have a good shot at getting course credit. I have seen it approved several times in my career.

3–18. Course credit

a. Individuals who meet the applicable course prerequisites and are otherwise eligible to attend a course may qualify for the following types of course credit:

(1) Constructive credit may be granted to individuals in lieu of course attendance based on previous leadership experience and/or past academic/training experiences. In all cases TRADOC or the proponent school will assess the individual’s past comprehensive military or civilian experience against established course critical tasks. Individuals must possess the same skills and qualifications as course graduates.

(2) Equivalent credit may be granted to individuals in lieu of course attendance based on courses possessing comparable critical tasks. Critical task assessments are performed by TRADOC or the respective proponent school. Individuals must possess the same skills and qualifications as course graduates.

(3) Operational credit may be granted to individuals in lieu of course attendance based on operational experiences (see para G–23).

b. Personnel awarded course credit will be considered for promotion, assignment, or other personnel actions on the same basis as graduates of the course concerned.

c. Military personnel: Requests for credit will be submitted on a DA Form 4187 and include an outline of the individual’s prior leadership and technical training and experiences as they relate to the critical terminal learning objective, with supporting documentation. Individuals requesting course credit will submit the request through command channels and through the course proponent to be forwarded as follows:

(1) AA: Commander, HRC (AHRC–OPB–D) (officer and warrant officer courses) or (AHRC–EPT–FN)(NCOES courses). For Judge Advocate courses send the request to CG, TJAGLCS.

(2) U.S. Army Reserve: HQ, USARC, (ARRC–TRI).

( 3 ) Army National Guard: DARNG, (NGB–ART–I) (officer and warrant officer courses) or (NGB–ARH–S)

(NCOES courses).

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Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School

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  • Pierre Fuller


    CSM(R) Mark,

    I am in the same boat as this individual and I hope this reaches you since it was written in 2012. If you don’t mind could you possibly email me so that I can receive further guidance with this situation? Thank you in advance

    SGT Fuller

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