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Can I be removed from my position as NCOIC without a relief for cause evaluation report?

I busted tape by 1%. I was enrolled in ABCP and removed as NCOIC of my shop, but I have not received my initial counseling (should have gotten it more than 2 months ago). What can I do?

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Short answer is

Yes, you can be removed from your position as Shop NCOIC without a relief for cause report.  All that is necessary is that Leadership loses confidence in you and decides to put someone else in charge.  They should counsel you as to why you were removed. Based on the information you provided I would assume they have not counseled you as to why you were removed.   I am assuming they see your enrollment in the ABCP as a failure to meet a standard and as such chose to remove you as you did not meet the standard for weight control.

1% Over BodyFat

With regard to 1% over and the enrollment in the ABCP.  1% is relatively small and can typically be loss quickly.  The key questions here are:

1. where you taped correctly?

2. Did they do at least two tapes by two different people? Meaning another person verified the accuracy of the tape by doing it a second time.  While not required by AR 600-9 it was an action I initiated before placing an individual on the ABCP as I did not want to inaccurately place a Soldier in the ABCP for an inaccurate measurement.

I would strongly encourage you to take action to remove yourself from the ABCP and make sure you are capable of remaining below your bodyfat and/or screening weight as re enrollment in less than 3 years could result in separation.

Initial Counseling

With regard to the initial counseling…is the leader wrong Yes!  Should they provide this to you? Yes, they are required to provide it by regulation.  I would caution you as to how you go about asking for this counseling.  Be professional, unemotional, factual, and calm…less you get what you ask for!

Items to Consider

Use this as an opportunity to grow and become a better leader.  Overcome the issues before you so that positive items can be entered on your evaluation report.

I would not make a big deal about the relief for cause report.  If they chose to initiate that report it would certainly be very difficult for you to overcome.

Your situation could be far worse.  I would encourage you to take a deep breath, think about the entire issue, find a way turn this into something positive and grow as a leader.  Be the absolute best at whatever jobs they assign you.  Consider volunteering to take charge of things and show them what you can do in a positive manner.

I fully understand this is most likely embarrassing, demeaning, and not a good place for you.  However you have the ability to change your environment.  While you cannot control their actions you can control your actions, behavior, attitude, tone, and demeanor.  If you are consistently professional and factual…then it is difficult for leadership to look down on the results of your labor.

MSAF 360

I would also encourage you to take the MSAF 360 assessment and then request one on one coaching.  If you are interested go to the Army MSAF 360 website at:

It is an incredible tool and  I believe is one of the best leadership tools the Army has offered.

I know this is most likely not the response you were looking for but based on the information you provided and my experience it is what I believe is most appropriate.




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Mark is a Retired Command Sergeant Major with 26 years of military leadership experience. He held 3 military occupational specialties (Field Artillery, Nuclear Weapons Tech, and Ammunition Ordnance). Mark is one of the leading military authors in the fields of leadership, counseling, and training.

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