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Can I be rated by people who are not in my official rating chain?

I received an NCOER and the raters were individuals that were never in my rating chain. I have spent 21 years in the USAR and all my reports have bordered on excellence except for this one. I had a negative personal history with both of my chosen raters. Again, these raters were never assigned to be my raters. I had left the unit and the report was extremely late. They said that my (real) raters had also left the unit. I am very upset and don't know what to do at this point. Your assistance will be much appreciated. The report has still not hit the system as of yet and I am refusing to sign it based on the fact that the rater and senior raters were never my official raters.

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First, thank you for your service. You have been serving this country through some of the toughest times in modern history.

Technically, the NCOER is invalid if the Rating Scheme was not followed. Check the rating period covered on the NCOER and the type of NCOER (it should be an Annual or a Change of Rater). Does it match the Rating Scheme and time line? Check the previous Rating Scheme?

Have you addressed this issue with your First Sergeant? Or, if you are no longer with that unit, have you discussed this with the First Sergeant of the unit where you received your NCOER? First Sergeants maintain the Rating Scheme in his/her unit for all the NCO’s (and officers). The First Sergeant/Command Sergeant Major are responsible for the integrity of all the NCOER’s in his/her unit and should investigate any improprieties.
There should have been a Change of Rater NCOER within 90 days of any change to the Rating Scheme. Find a copy of the Rating Scheme. It should identify your rater, senior rater, reviewer, and the effective date. The Rating Scheme should be posted on the unit bulletin board for everyone to read. Get a copy if you can. If your raters are no longer with the unit, that could make things difficult.

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John is a retired Command Sergeant Major with 7 years of experience on Active Duty and 30 years experience in the Army Reserve. John’s military areas of expertise include Missiles, Ordnance, Chemical, and Food Service. John has a degree in Electrical Engineering and is retired from Chrysler Corporation. He is currently employed by a defense contractor as a Senior Production Engineer. John is the Vice President of Army Reserve Affairs for the Redstone/Huntsville Chapter of the Association of the United States Army and former president of North Alabama Veterans Coalition. John and his wife received the Military Family of the Year award in 2008 and will be receiving the 2011 Spirit of America, Support of Military Family award in July for their long history of volunteer work in support of soldiers and their families.

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