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Can a Soldier be Counseled for Failing to Cancel an Appointment for the Next Day if the Chain of Command Kept them on Mission Unable to Cancel the Appointment?

Can a soldier be counseled for not canceling an appointment for the following day? One of my soldiers had surgery on her knee and is in physical therapy to bring it back to strength. Our chain of command asked her to cancel her appointment for the following day so she can go to the gas chamber, she was on mission all day from one place to the next and did t have time to call. Can she be counseled for not canceling??

Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples


Short answer is “YES”


However, the Soldier can simply disagree with the counseling statement and provide a written explanation of the situation.

Now from a leader’s perspective, if the Soldier was told to cancel the appointment with reasonable time to do so and the Soldier had access to a phone (personnel cell phone, phone at the training location) and the Soldier had the number to the facilitate or could have reasonable obtained this information then Yes the Soldier should be counseled.

One of the things a Soldier must be able to do is be flexible and adapt to the situation.  Now if the Leader failed to provide proper guidance, failed to provide an opportunity, and/or set the Soldier up for failure then that is another issue and the counseling should not take place.


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Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples

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