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Female Soldier Readiness Guide

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Every military leader is a manager; of time, resources, and people. Effective military leadership demands the maximum utility of each of these elements. The goal of it is to enable leaders to get the most out of a growing area of resource, the female soldier. The Female Soldier Readiness guide is intended mostly for leaders at the level where the command chain ends and the work begins. It will cover the areas that usually leave leaders guessing, such as pregnancy profiles, exercise during pregnancy, field needs of females, and preventive measures for the barracks environment. The greatest resource leaders have in this arena is the female soldiers within their own units. This guide is meant as a guide for leaders as managers. The responsibility for female readiness ultimately falls to the female soldiers themselves. Strategies will be provided , for leaders and soldiers, to effectively ensure female readiness with the least amount of impact on a unit’s day-to-day mission.

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