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91W10 Advanced Individual Training Course: Invasive Procedures Handbook

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Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: Basic Math and Calculate an IV Flow Rate (Basic computations with whole numbers; Fractions; Decimals; Calculate an IV flow rate); Invasive Procedure Safety (Primary means of exposure to bloodborne pathogens; Primary means of exposure prevention to bloodborne pathogens; Handling and disposal of contaminated material; Handling and disposal of contaminated needles); Perform Patient Handwash, Put on and Remove Sterile Gloves (Steps for patient care handwash (routine); Procedures for donning sterile gloves; Removal of gloves); Prevention and Control of Infection (Modes of escape/means of control; Category specific isolation procedures; General procedures of isolation;Principles of universal precautions); Infection, Asepsis, and Sterile Technique (Infection; Aseptic technique); Initiate and Manage a Patient with an Intravenous Infusion (Indication for administering an IV; Commonly used solutions; Common complications; Initiate an IV infusion; Alternate administration sites; Manage an IV); Appendix A – Perform a Patient Care Handwash and Put on and Remove Sterile Gloves, Competency Skill Sheets (Patient Handwash; Put On and Remove Sterile Gloves); Appendix B -Initiate and Manage an Intravenous Infusion, Competency Skill Sheets (IV Infusion)

NOTE: This document is in PDF format : Chapter heading are bold, subsections of chapter are in (parentheses).


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Master Army Promotions Boards - App for iOS

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