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91W10 Advanced Individual Training Course: Core Skills Handbook

Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School

Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: Perform a Casualty Assessment (Determine threats; Initial casualty assessment; AMPLE history; Immediate life-threatening injuries; Additional casualty assessment); Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy (Establish an airway; Assess for airway obstruction; Provide oxygen; Suction the airway; Combitube intubation); Control Bleeding (Identify external bleeding; Identify internal bleeding; Review dressing and bandages); Treat for Shock (Definition of shock; Assess for shock; Provide medical care); Appendix A – Perform a Casualty Assessment, Competency Skill Sheets (Primary survey; Primary and secondary survey); Appendix B – Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy, Competency Skill Sheets (Nasal Trumpet; J Tube; Combitube intubation; Needle chest decompression);Appendix C – Control Bleeding (Competency Skill Sheets; Primary survey; IV infusion; Mechanical methods)

NOTE: This document is in PDF format : Chapter heading are bold, subsections of chapter are in (parentheses).


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