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SAV Checklist (PSDR) Examples

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These document contains 40 individual checklist Examples. They are Area of Responsibility, Retention,Officer Promotions, Enlisted Promotions, Personnel Evaluations, Reassignments, Meal Cards, PASR, FLAGS, USR, Weight Control, PAI, Files & Publications, In Out Processing, Duty Rosters, Leaves Passes, FCP, FRG, MWR, Soldier Readiness, Personnel Utilization, LOD, AWOL DFR, ASAP, Casualty, Awards, MMRB, Sponsorship, Safety Gen Admin, Safety Awards, SOH Council Safety, PPE, Safety Inspections, Occupational Health, Respiratory Health, Confined Space, OH Environmental Control, HAZMAT, Lockout Tagout, Bloodborne Pathogen.

NOTE: This document is in MS Excel


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