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The United States Air Force is committed to taking care of its own. Our Air Force members and their families deserve the best support possible. The first line of support is the cadre of unit commanders, first sergeants, and supervisors. To assist this crucial linkage, please accept the support of the Air Force Community Action Information Board and the Air Force Readiness EDGE. Commanders and supervisors are given checklists that identify deployment and operational stressors. Family emergency preparedness supporting Homeland Security is addressed. The challenge is recognizing the stressful situations of sponsors and family members. Specific behaviors and concerns related to deployment stress are explained. Tailored support is addressed for pre-deployment, deployment, post-deployment, task force recommendations for reintegration, and combat stress reactions. The Defense prisoner of war repatriation process is outlined. Tailored support connects commanders and supervisors supporting sponsors and family members with the base IDS helping agencies. The Air Force Readiness EDGE lists and describes Air Force and other resources, their websites, and telephone numbers for family assistance.

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