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Introducing 1SG Gamio

We’d like to take a moment to welcome 1SG Gamio to our panel of subject matter experts. He runs a site of his own called Chemical Dragon which provides free resources available to Soldier’s like you. As part of his introduction to the team, we asked 1SG Gamio to tell him a little about himself.

1. 1SG Gamio, Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am from Los Angeles, California. I enlisted in the Army in October 1995, as a Chemical Operations Specialist.

2. We noticed you have a website called ChemicalDragon.com can you tell us a little bit about that site and its purpose?

I am the sole editor and starter of Chemicaldragon.com website. I started it while I was stationed in Korea, six years ago. I initially started it as a study group page for the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club. I was in charge of the battalion SAMC study group, but was getting ready to PCS soon. In order to keep the information updated and relevant, I decided to start the webpage. From there I started adding products from my time in different positions in Army. The purpose was to share information and tools that has made me successful throughout the years and make it readily available.

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posted on 01/13/2014 under Site News
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