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AskTOP is an excellent resource for clarification of Army regulations and guidelines. It enables the Soldier to get answers that pertain to their exact situation or issue. It delivers clear and timely responses to inquiries. Thank you for all the help.

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What is the BEST NCO GIFT for Going Aways, Hail and Farewells?
7 October, 2014
  These Photos Do not do the Print or Marble Justice! The Best Gift I know of is a Print Called THE BACKBONE! I believe is the most meaningful and lasting gift that a 1SG or NCO can get.  They will hang proudly it proudly even after separation or retirement. This is a print and is also available in marble stone. Top it off in a frame with signatures on the back and small comments from the whole unit or section/platoon, etc  and it is definitely a memory.  Here is the link Read more
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6 October, 2014
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MSG Owens: Soldier Training, Soldier Promotions
4 August, 2014
A NOTE FROM TOP- ASKTOP readers today I have the distinct pleasure of sharing a short essay written by a trusted friend and a professional/caring leader. I encountered 1SG Owens, as a young SSG! She displayed exceptional and intense intestinal fortitude by standing up to senior leadership (CSM,COL, MG, etc), when she felt something needed to be fixed. She was successful because she was consistently calm, factual, and professional in her approach. Her argument was always thought out with the end in Read more
NEW AR 670-1 & DA PAM 670-1 Released dated 31 March 2014
31 March, 2014
Check out the SMA's video.  It contains some good information concerning the training and implementation of the New Uniform and Personal Grooming Standards. I have attached a copy of the following documents to this post for your convenience:  AR 670-1, DA PAM 670-1, Lesson Plan, Slides, and a Handout. This information is also available in the ASKTOP.NET  ARMSROOM Available training tools can be found at: CAPE.ARMY.MIL Click Here to:  Make sure you check out the Create Your Own Read more
Introducing 1SG Gamio
13 January, 2014
We'd like to take a moment to welcome 1SG Gamio to our panel of subject matter experts. He runs a site of his own called Chemical Dragon which provides free resources available to Soldier's like you. As part of his introduction to the team, we asked 1SG Gamio to tell him a little about himself. 1. 1SG Gamio, Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am from Los Angeles, California. I enlisted in the Army in October 1995, as a Chemical Operations Specialist. 2. We noticed you have a website Read more