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TC 55-60-18 Training Program for the Kalmar 53,000-Pound Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH)

This TC provides a training program for the Kalmar 53,000-pound Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH) according to AR 600-55. It provides standardized training and testing in the operation, preventive maintenance, and safety of this vehicle. It stresses hands-on training with very little classroom instruction. It also does not include any theater-unique requirements. During the development of it, it was assumed that each driver candidate would have a state driver’s license, have completed accident avoidance training according to TC 21-305. This program may be used for initial and sustainment training. When used for sustainment training, commanders have the flexibility to choose and arrange training material based on the unit’s mission, driver behavior, and/or accident history. To provide effective training, each instructor should ensure his/her operators are trained and tested to the standards in it.

NOTE: AR 600-55 Supersedes PAM 611-125

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