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This is a Guide for Writing OPR, EPR, and PRF for the Air Force

It’s purpose is to show you how to write EPRs, OPRs, and PRF. It is also a guide to writing in general. It contains Tips on writing, examples of the reports and other useful award related information. NOTE: This document …Read More

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How to Preparation and Processing Decoration Packages Guide

This guide facilitates the preparation and processing of decoration packages within each unit.  Decorations discussed in this guide are the Legion of Merit, Airman’s Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Aerial Achievement Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, and the Air Force Achievement …Read More

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This is a Guide for Writing and Submitting Decoration for the Air Force

It’s purpose is to show you how to write and submit decoration packages. It covers the Who, Why, When and level of decoration to recommend. It also covers the justification, what citation or certificate, timelines for submission, and the presentation …Read More

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Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software
Battlefield Deception Guide - From Alexander the Great to Norman Schwarzkopf

Reprimand and Admonition Handbook Military Justice Section

Administrative reprimands and admonitions are management tools available to commanders, supervisors and other superiors to reprove and correct subordinates for their departure (on- or off-duty) from norms of performance, conduct, bearing, behavior or integrity. They should be used when it …Read More

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Supervisors Guide to Admonitions and Reprimands

The following guide was developed to provide general information and guidance in the proper documentation of admonitions and reprimands.Included among the various tools available to help supervisors meet their responsibility for maintaining Air Force standards and accomplishing the Air Force …Read More

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OPR, EPR, and PRF Writing Guide

Documents such as officer performance reports (OPR), enlisted performance reports (EPR), and promotion recommendation forms (PRF) are used in promotion boards, professional military education (PME) selections, selective early retirement boards (SERB), reductions in force (RIF), command and special duty selections, …Read More

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The Evaluator - Army Evaluation & Counseling Guide

Performance Evaluation and Counseling Handbook

This is a Performance Evaluation and Counseling Handbook. It contains a fitness report responsibility matrix and a set of fitness report block-by-block instructions. It also has Fitness Report Personal Input Examples, and a Fitness Report Bullet Guide which covers (Favorable …Read More

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Mortuary Affairs Information Guide for Commanders and First Sergeants

Certainly the most sensitive and probably the most important job a Services Squadron Commander is that of Mortuary Affairs Officer. There are many complex aspects of mortuary affairs operations and, if they are not professionally managed, it can greatly embarrass …Read More

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Inspector General Handbook for Leaders

This is an Inspector General Handbook for Leaders intended to assist commanders and leaders in properly executing their duties in accordance with Army Regulations, National Guard Bureau Regulations. This handbook provides leaders with information on Department of the Army policy …Read More

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Company Commander and First Sergeant Information Book

This handbook is designed to help unit commanders and NCO leadership in their responsibilities for taking care of our soldiers, their families, and our associated communities. Each subject covered by this handbook contains a short explanation and reference documents in …Read More

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Duties of the First Sergeant Guide

The duties of first sergeant are peculiar to his position, and require capacity and knowledge superior to those of other sergeants. Whilst he does not rank as high as some others, nor receive as much pay, his position is one …Read More

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Commander’s and First Sergeant’s Quick Reference Guide to Army Regulations

There are so many regulations published by the Army that it’s hard to know where to begin when taking command or responsibility of Soldiers. This guide is meant to allow leaders to quickly reference regulations when making decisions. Each subject …Read More

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