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Role of the NonCommissoned Office Class/Briefing

Class/briefing reviews the role of the NonCommissoned Office (NCO), Communication, Deployment, Administrative Business,  Training and Maintenance, Unit Discipline, Morale and Welfare, Combat, Transformation, Combat and Leadership are some of the Duties and Responsibilities that are covered in this class/briefing. NOTE: This …Read More

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Practical Exercises and Solutions, Appendix C, to Training Support Packages 600-Warrior Leader Course Book 4

Practical Exercises include: Army Physical Fitness Performance Test Risk Management Conduct an After Action Review Drill and Ceremony The Four Direct Leadership Skills Enforce the Equal Opportunity Program Conduct Developmental Counseling Supervise Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Training the Force …Read More

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Heavy Weapons Company Training SOP

The purpose of this SOP is to standardize routine training in Company,  AIR in order facilitate ease of planning and execution of all training. Company leaders will know and use this document to develop and implement training plans and keep …Read More

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Individual Military Occupational Specialty Training SOP

This SOP is designed to establish policy and procedures that address Individual Training. This SOP applies to all personnel assigned and attached to this unit.  As used in this SOP, “individual” and “soldier” are used interchangeably and include all personnel …Read More

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Army Reserve National Guard Training Management SOP

This SOP will assist the Battalion in retaining regulations, pamphlets, and circulars in numerical sequence in 3-ring binders; with the exception of regulations, pamphlets, and circulars pertaining to subject areas.  This SOP requires the creation and management of 7 separate …Read More

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How can I convince my leaders to send me to language school (DLI)?

How can I or what is the best way to convince my leadership to send me to language school. I have a 117 on the DLAB... Read the Answer»

The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan

The Bear Went Over the Mountain has been around since the 1980’s.  When Les Grau originally wrote Bear it was printed only in limited quantities and largely overlooked because the military establishment saw no real value in the book. After …Read More

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AR 616-110 Selection, Training, Utilization, and Career Guidance for Army Medical Corps Officers as Flight Surgeons

This regulation provides the rules for development and retention of flight surgeons in the U.S. Army. Medical Corps officers who meet the prerequisites in it and complete the initial course of instruction qualify as flight surgeons. MC officers completing prerequisites …Read More

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AR 350-9 Overseas Deployment Training

This regulation prescribes policy, procedures, and responsibilities to train Reserve Component units based in the continental United States, and U.S. territories or possessions in a training status. RC units execute overseas deployment training primarily to improve their mission readiness; however, …Read More

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AR 350-66 Small Arms Competitive Marksmanship

This regulation provides the policy and procedures for participating in Army-wide small arms marksmanship competitions, and it discusses the scoring and award of credit points for Excellence in Competition Badges and Distinguished Designation Badges and the award of Distinguished Designation.

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AR 350-58 Joint United States (US) Air Force, US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corps Air Combat Training

This regulation prescribes the joint policies and responsibilities of the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corps joint services air combat training. This instruction authorizes joint service ACT and reflects the appropriate coordination of each service …Read More

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AR 350-51 United States Army Officer Candidate School

This regulation prescribes eligibility requirements and procedures for processing applications of Active Army personnel for Officer Candidate School and for Army Band Officer Candidate School. It provides general guidance on mobilization policies and procedures, and includes testing criteria for all …Read More

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