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AR 350-66 Small Arms Competitive Marksmanship

This regulation provides the policy and procedures for participating in Army-wide small arms marksmanship competitions, and it discusses the scoring and award of credit points for Excellence in Competition Badges and Distinguished Designation Badges and the award of Distinguished Designation. Download: 3/r350_66.pdf Size: 62.76 KB

AR 350-58 Joint United States (US) Air Force, US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corps Air Combat Training

This regulation prescribes the joint policies and responsibilities of the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corps joint services air combat training. This instruction authorizes joint service ACT and reflects the appropriate coordination of each service during Dissimilar Air Combat Training Programs. DACT programs provides a realistic application of a fighter versus fighter and serve to develop a high level of tactical skills for all aircrews in countering a real world threat. The use Read more

AR 350-51 United States Army Officer Candidate School

This regulation prescribes eligibility requirements and procedures for processing applications of Active Army personnel for Officer Candidate School and for Army Band Officer Candidate School. It provides general guidance on mobilization policies and procedures, and includes testing criteria for all applicants.

AR 350-50 Combat Training Center Program

This regulation describes the objectives, organizations, and concept of operations for the Army-wide Combat Training Center Program. It also designates the CTC Program Director with program execution authority. It prescribes CTC Program responsibilities, policies, and planning and programming guidance for the shared command and control, management and administration, and advisory roles of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army Forces Command, and U.S. Army, Europe. [drain file Read more

AR 350-38 Training Device Policies and Management

This regulation establishes Army policy and responsibilities for life cycle management of the following areas, only as they pertain to training: training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations, including tactical engagement simulations, targets, targetry, combat training center and range instrumentation, and training-unique ammunition from initial requirements through final disposition to include maintenance and logistical support. In addition, it sets forth the policies and procedures for the Read more

AR 350-32 Army Foundry Intelligence Training Program

This regulation establishes Department of the Army policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the Army Foundry Intelligence Training Program. Foundry training shapes a Soldier into the Army intelligence mold. It enables select Army personnel to learn new intelligence skills and sustain and improve their technical, analytical, and foreign language skills to execute intelligence missions successfully.

AR 350-3 Tactical Intelligence Readiness Training Program

This regulation establishes Department of the Army policies, responsibilities and procedures for the Tactical Intelligence Readiness Training Program within the Army Intelligence Community. The REDTRAIN program is a Senior Intelligence Officer program oriented primarily at the warfighting commands, designed to help Army intelligence personnel to sustain and improve the technical/analytical and foreign language skills required of them to carry out their combat intelligence missions successfully. These Read more

AR 350-28 Army Exercises

This regulation assigns responsibilities and sets Department of the Army policy and procedure for military exercises. It guides the development and conduct of exercise programs of major Army commands and the support of, and participation in— a. Army exercises directed by Headquarters, Department of the Army b. Joint and combined exercises within the purview of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Exercise and Training Program, including exercises sponsored by a commander in chief of a U.S. Read more

AR 350-20 Management of the Defense Foreign Language Program

This regulation provides for determination of the most effective means of fulfilling total Department of Defense foreign language training requirements. It prescribes procedures for the submission of foreign language requirements for resident and nonresident foreign language training, and related training support. It also provides for resident, nonresident, and maintenance foreign language training to satisfy valid requirements; and for the improvement of the management and operation of the DFLP Read more

AR 350-2 Opposing Force (OPFOR) Program

This regulation sets responsibilities, concepts, policies, and procedures for the Department of the Army Opposing Force Program. It covers all Army OPFOR activities in live, constructive, and virtual simulation, training events, training development, and other developmental functions. It clarifies responsibilities based upon current intelligence and training policies and procedures.

AR 350-19 The Army Sustainable Range Program

This regulation assigns responsibilities and provides policy and guidance for managing and operating U.S.Army ranges and training lands to support their long-term viability and utility to meet the National defense mission; planning, programming, funding, and executing the core programs comprising the Army’s Sustainable Range Program, the Range and Training Land Program, and the Integrated Training Area Management Program; integrating program functions to support sustainable ranges; assessing range Read more

AR 350-100 Officer Active Duty Service Obligations

This regulation establishes policies and procedures for the receipt, computation, and notice of active duty service obligations for all commissioned officers and warrant officers serving on the active duty list. It also describes how active duty service obligations are served with precommission ADSOs. It also describes who incurs active duty service obligations.