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Drill and Ceremony

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How does a deactivation ceremoy work? Who Does What?

Is there a deactivation ceremony for one of our Units. Does the actual unit host the ceremony or does their higher command host it? and what is the guidance on that?.. Read the Answer»

Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide

This is a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide. It can be used to study the information you need to know to prepare to go in front of the SAMC Board.  It has sections covering the Motto, History of the …Read More

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Practical Exercises and Solutions, Appendix C, to Training Support Packages 600-Warrior Leader Course Book 4

Practical Exercises include: Army Physical Fitness Performance Test Risk Management Conduct an After Action Review Drill and Ceremony The Four Direct Leadership Skills Enforce the Equal Opportunity Program Conduct Developmental Counseling Supervise Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Training the Force …Read More

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Instructors Book Warrior Leader Course Book 2b

This book contains instructor books for the following classes T222 Conduct an After Action Review T228 Drill and Ceremony L221 Introduction to Army Leadership L222 Be, Know, Do L223 The Human Dimension in Leadership Development L224 The Four Direct Leadership …Read More

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