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What does my Reenlistment Code mean?

I have a 9E reup code. What does that mean?

Understanding the meaning and the status of your reenlistment code is important.  They impact your ability to remain in service and also have an impact on reassignments, promotions, reclassification, ability to attend school (Civilian/Military), retirement and can impact your family members ability to travel with you to overseas locations.

Here is a list of REUP Codes with a brief explanation.

9M, Approved Retirement under Qualitative Management Program (QMP). (1)

9U, Approved Retirement under Qualitative Service Program (QSP). (2)

9L,Involuntary Separation under Qualitative Management Program (QMP). (3)

9J,Involuntary Separation under Qualitative Service Program (QSP). (4)

12, Approved Retirement under Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA). (5)

9T, Approved Involuntary Separation. (6)

9Y, Retirement (Application for retirement has been approved). (7)

9C, Denied Retention by SA – Commander Quality (restricted to fully qualified Soldiers “IMREPR 10” who requested and were denied reenlistment by the O-6 Commander). (8)

9F, Denied Retention by Separation Authority (SA) – Force Shaping/Requirements. (9)

9Q, Declination of Continued Service Statement (Refusal to Take Action to Meet Length of Service Requirement (10)

9V, Pending Separation (Command or Soldier initiated separations) (11)

9P, Loss of Qualification in PMOS. (12)

9N, Courts-Martial Conviction (Convicted by one or more Summary, Special, or General Courts Martial). (13)

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posted on 06/09/2014 under Q&A
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  • Casey


    I was given a general discharge under illegal substance abuse. Would that disqualify me from being able to reenlist or would it depend on the type of substance i used? Would the partial legalization of marijuana have an effect?

  • James Crawford


    What regulation covers IMREPR codes and the corresponding reasons

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