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Can my rater make me write my own evaluation report?

Should I have to write my own evaluation report?

No, you should not have to prepare your own report. I discourage this practice as asking an individual to write his or her own evaluation report may give the Soldier the impression that the report is not a priority to the chain of command.  I would, however, encourage you to write your own report if your rating chain has asked you to do so, as you are in the best position to describe your achievements.

Ideally, rating chains should ask the evaluated Soldier for input to ensure a complete report. I would encourage leaders to solicit such input from Soldiers that they rate, but to write the evaluation themselves. This shows your Soldier that you care.

AR 623-3 states:

Chapter 3 para 3-2f: Rating officials will prepare reports that are accurate and as complete as possible within the space limitations of the form.

Chapter 2 para 2-10(1): Role of Rated Soldier: Rated individuals will periodically evaluate their own performances and when in doubt seek the advice of their superiors in the rating chain.

Para 2-10(4): Describe with rater duties objectives and significant contributions as applicable on evaluation forms.


posted on 05/10/2012 under Q&A
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