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Can I be chaptered for two minor counseling statements?

In the past year, I have received two counseling statements for minor offenses. Other than these two incidents, I have been a great Soldier and have the monthly counselings from my first line NCO to show this. My Battery Commander is telling me that he wants to chapter me out of the Army if I receive another counseling for anything during the rest of my time here (2 months). Can he legally start the Chapter work without an Article 15 or a major offense?

Technically yes, you can be separated for patterns of misconduct (Chapter 14-12b). If the violations are as minor as you state, the odds are slight that a chapter would be granted. However, the fact that the commander has indicated the possibility of a chapter action should raise a red flag to you. He may be giving you a verbal warning order to shape up hoping this will be enough to get you squared away. I advise you take his warning seriously.

Time to shape up

I encourage you to be the best Soldier you can possibly be and perhaps request a meeting with the 1SG/CDR on open door policy and get a verbal understanding of their expectations of you. Odds are their expectations will be to perform to Army Standard. As long as you are complying with Army Standard you have nothing to worry about. With that stated remember attitude and tone are everything. Be professional, calm, unemotional, and factual. No one can do anything to you unless you provide them the ammo, put the ammo in the gun, and pull the trigger. In other words it is difficult for a chain of command to do something to you without you doing something to initiate the action.

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posted on 02/22/2012 under Q&A
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