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I (NCO) Escorted a Soldier who was Restricted to Post-to an Off Post Location; Can I Lose my Rank Over this?

I'm an NCO who took a soldier off post after being told by another NCO he was on restriction but could only go somewhere if an NCO took him. That soldier ended up getting in serious trouble , am I to blame and could I lose my rank as punishment?

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The NCO could potentially be in more trouble with the unit than the Soldier. Part of the issue would be why the NCO took the Soldier off post during restriction and what the terms of the restriction were. If the Soldier was restriction to post without exception, then yes, the NCO is most likely in a lot of trouble. If the Soldier was restricted to post unless escorted by an NCO, then it would depend upon why he took the Soldier off post, what they were doing? Too many scenarios to provide a more definitive answer.

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posted on 11/03/2017 under Articles, Q&A
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