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Chapter Checklist of Required Items

Contains Checklist with the required item for the following chapter actions:
Chapter 3: Secretarily Plenary Authority, Chapter 5-1: Surviving Son or Daughter, Chapter 5-8: Involuntary Separation due to Parenthood, Chapter 5-9: Lack of Jurisdiction, Chapter 5-10: Aliens Not Lawful Admitted to the US, Chapter 5-11: Separation for Medical Fitness Standards, Chapter 5-13: Personality Disorder, Chapter 5-14: Concealment of Arrest Record, Chapter 5-16: Further Education, Chapter 5-17: Physical or Mental Condition Not Amounting to A Disability, Chapter 6: Dependency or Hardship, Chapter 7-3: Defective Enlistment/Reenlistment/Extension, Chapter 7-15: Erroneous Enlistments Reenlistments, or Extensions, Chapter 7-16: Defective or Unfulfilled Enlistment or Reenlistment Agreement, Chapter 7-17: Fraudulent Entry, Chapter 8: Pregnancy, Chapter 9: Alcohol or Other Drug Rehab Failure, Chapter 10: In Lieu of Court Martial, Chapter 13: Unsatisfactory Performance, Chapter 14-5a: Convicted by Civilian Court, Chapter 14-12a: Minor Disciplinary Infractions, Chapter 14-12b: Pattern of Misconduct, Chapter 14-12c: Commission of a Serious Offense, Chapter 15: Discharge for Homosexual Conduct, Chapter 16-2: To Enter Commissioning Program, Chapter 16-4b: Declination of Continued Service (DCSS), Chapter 18: Overweight, Chapter 19: Qualitative Management Program

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  • Casey


    Trying to get out of the army as soon as I can I’m being chaptered out with a 5-17 and don’t know what to do at all really no help.

    • Eck


      A 5-17 normally takes a little longer than other chapters as it requires mental evaluations to support. However, if you want out, as you indicate, then follow everything your command tells you to do. Be where you are supposed to be, make all of your medical appointments as directed, and stay out of trouble. Bottom line: be a model Soldier during this process. The less aggravation you provide your command, the smoother it will be. During your process, you will be provided the opportunity to speak with an attorney at Trial Defense Services. That attorney will be best suited to advise you on the process and ensure you are aware of your rights.

      I hope this helps.

      “I am not an attorney and all views and opinions presented are my own and are not to be inferred or interpreted as legal advice.”

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