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How do I clear a CBRN mask for an unconscious casualty?

I was asked a question recently and can't find the answer. If you come across a casualty who is unconscious in a CBRN environment, how do you clear their mask?.. Read the Answer»

Can I fire MK19 40mm grenades from the M203?

I have a bet going with a buddy. Can you fire MK19 40mm grenade out of the M203?.. Read the Answer»

What do I do when an NCO Declines NCOES?

I have an NCO who declined to go to an NCOES school. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

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How often do I have to be weighed?

We usually weigh-in when we take a PT test, but we have been deployed and my commander is making us weigh-in. Don't we only have to do this during PT test?.. Read the Answer»

Can the alternate event bike course go out of my sight?

Our unit has a bike course for the alternate event test. I can't see the Soldier as he completes his lap while I am grading the test. I see him for about 1/2 of the lap. The rest of the time he is out of my line of sight. Is this acceptable?.. Read the Answer»