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Does my career have to be put on hold because of Brigade’s mistake?

I missed points for E6 two months ago by 5 points. My S1 messed up my ERB and put more points than i had. HRC had me on the by-name list for the March 1, my BN S1 told Brigade to take me off the by-name list since i missed the points. Unfortunately, Brigade never took me off and points just came out and I have 200 more points than i need for promotion, but i am not on the by-name list since Brigade didn't do their job. Is there a way i can get promoted or does my career have to hit a stand still again while I wait for next month's points to come out?.. Read the Answer»

Does prior AIT count towards promotion points?

I will be reclassing soon and I was wondering if my first AIT will count as military education or any promotion points once I have received my new MOS?.. Read the Answer»

I was approved to reclass. Will I have to get reboarded once I graduate?

I am a SPC(P) and I am reclassing into a new MOS. Will I retain my promotable status or will I lose it and have to be reboarded after graduation?.. Read the Answer»

Where can I find a list of resident military schools that I can attend to earn promotion points?

Regarding the Resident Military Training Courses: how can I find out what classes are currently being offered? Can I attend a course that is outside of my MOS? Are there any classes online that I can take that will count for promotion points in the Resident Military Training category?.. Read the Answer»

Does prior service training in another service count towards promotion points?

I am a prior service Sailor. How do I find out what Navy training transfers over to the Army for promotion points?.. Read the Answer»

Will I have to be reboarded once I successfully meet height and weight standards?

I am currently on the overweight program. Will my promotable status be reinstated once I make weight or will I have to go back to the promotion board?.. Read the Answer»

What proof do I need to get my prior service awards on my ERB?

I am about to attend the promotion board and need to update my ERB. I am a prior service Marine with awards from my prior service days. What documentation to I need in order to serve as proof for the awards I earned?.. Read the Answer»

Will an adverse action flag prevent a SSG from being considered for the SFC promotion board?

I am currently flagged for adverse action. Do I still meet the criteria to compete during the SFC selection board or am I disqualified? Will the board members be able to see my records?.. Read the Answer»

My EPS selection letter is signed, when will my promotion orders be cut?

How long does it usually take from signing an EPS selection letter until promotion orders are cut in the National Guard? I know it probably depends on the state, but a general timeframe would be helpful... Read the Answer»

Battlefield Promotions SOP

The purpose of this Standard Operation Procedure is to outline the requirements for administering the Enlisted Battlefield Promotions Program for units in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).  This program applies to enlisted Soldiers (all Army Components) assigned or attached serving in support of the specified campaigns.  Enlisted battlefield promotions are limited to promotions to the rank of SSG and below. NOTE: This document is in PDF format [drain Read more

New Military Education points for promotions effective 1 Jan 2012

According to MILPER MSG 11-306, Soldiers will see an adjustment in promotion point distribution for military education on their Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW) on 5 December 2011. The change will become effective for Soldiers being promoted on 1 January 2012 and later. Military education will be divided into three categories namely Professional Military Education (NCOES), Resident Military Training, and Computer Based Training. In addition, each of these categories will now include a maximum point Read more

What should I do if my S1 fails to update my records, causing me to miss the cut-off score?

I submitted documents to my S1 to get added to my ERB and PPW three months ago but for some reason, my S1 has not updated my records. I could have made cut-off for promotion twice if my records were updated on time. I don't want to bring it up any higher and want to try and resolve the issue on my own. What can I do about this?.. Read the Answer»