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Physical Training

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For RC and TPU Soldiers that Have Failed the APFT Does the Word “Exempt” from the 8 Month Rule Mean I Can be Ordered to take a Record APFT Every Month?

When reading 350-1 for APFT it states"Soldiers in RC TPUs will take the APFT once each calendar year. A minimum of 8 months will separate record tests with no more than 14 months between record tests. Soldiers that require makeup testing or re-testing for an APFT failure are exempt from the 8-month rule" Does exempt from the 8 month rule mean you can be ordered to do a record every month? .. Read the Answer»

Example Initial Counseling for a First Sergeant Memorandum

This is an example Initial Counseling for a First Sergeant Memorandum. It can be used as an example of an Initial Counseling for a First Sergeant Memo if you ever need to write one. It covers general expectations for the First …Read More

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