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Guest Post By SGM Thomas D. Clementson Leadership is an Investment. Readers we will begin posting a series of Articles by leaders who have been there and done that.  Many of them have learned lessons the hard way and want to share their lessons learned with you so that you don’t have to learn from the “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS!” So I would like to introduce you to our FIRST GUEST POST. It comes to us VIA- SGM Clementson. This article was previously posted on LINKEDIN.   I would encourage you to look SGM Clementson on LinkedIn and follow his post.  We Read more

Where can I find a Mentor?

As a junior enlisted Soldier, I have few mentors in my MOS.. What would your opinion be on the best places to look (outside of personnel beyond my MOS) in order to develop my leadership skills, so that I can become a competent leader? .. Read the Answer»

So You Want to Be Mentor Class/Briefing

Class/briefing includes information about becoming a mentor. Topics covered include: eight steps, what is mentoring all about, what does it take to be a mentor, what does the mentor get out of it, mentor responsibilities, different types mentoring, natural mentor, supervisory mentor, formal facilitated mentoring, mentoring program, review mentoring suggestions, make a match, general guidelines, looking for a mentoring, looking for a mentee, your first meeting, continue the partnership, continue Read more