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What is an Article 138?

I have heard that I can make a complaint against my commander. Is this true?.. Read the Answer»

Can Soldiers put Army gas in their personal vehicles?

Is it illegal to put military gas in your POV? If so, what do you do when you see someone doing it?.. Read the Answer»

Can chapter actions be suspended like Article 15 punishment?

I have a Soldier who I believe could recover from his mistakes and become a good Soldier. He is in the process of being chaptered. Can the chapter action be suspended like an Article 15 punishment?.. Read the Answer»

Company Command: The Bottom Line - Army Leadership Guide
The comprehensive guide to the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Can I tell my NCO to piss-off?

I have about one week left in the Army and my squad leader is driving me nuts. I'm not really doing anything wrong. Can I just tell him to piss off? Can they really do anything to me?.. Read the Answer»

Solving Army leadership problems professionally

When you are up against a problem in your unit, how do you react? This article contains some great tips about how to cope with an issue and resolve it in a professional manner.

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How do I squelch a complainer?

I have a Soldier who constantly complains no matter the situation or the solution. Today he complained about PT and how it was not conducted properly. How do you deal with a guy like this who does not listen... Read the Answer»

Company Command: The Bottom Line - Army Leadership Guide
The comprehensive guide to the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Army reception and integration counseling

Some of our readers have requested information on Reception and Integration Counseling.  Let’s take a few moments to outline the process.  I hope this information is useful and provides you with a firm foundation. Remember, as leaders, you set the …Read More

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Should I pretend I didn’t see my E-6 push my E-5?

A few days ago my E-6 and E-5 got into a heated discussion. My E-6 pushed the E-5 and the E-5 told the E-6 "Don't you 'F'ing touch me again." Long story short the E-5 is getting an Article 15 for disrespect and the E-6 denied he pushed the E-5. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

What should I do when a Soldier threatens to go to the IG?

One of my Soldiers more or less threatened me that they would take their problem to the IG. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

When should I go to the IG?

I am thinking about calling the IG about an issue but I don't really know how the process works. I have heard horror stories in the past. Should I call them?.. Read the Answer»

My commander is sleeping with my wife, what do I do?

I was on duty and went home for dinner unannounced and found my commander and wife in a compromising situation. How do I handle this?.. Read the Answer»

Improve your unit with effective Exit Interviews

One of the best tools leaders can use to gain productive feedback is the exit interview.

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