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FM 6.22 appendix B

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My Soldier says I can’t counsel her by email- Is this correct?

Top, does e-mail couseling count in terms of valid and official professional counseling, despite that it is not hand written or typed on a DA 4856 AUG 2010? I have an E-6 disputing that an e-mail to her with detailed counseling is not counseling because the regulation states that a 4856 is used. Please advise... Read the Answer»

Does the person who wrote the counseling have to sign it?

Short Answer Yes, the person that wrote the counseling statement must sign the counseling statement. Discussion While there is nothing in counseling doctrine that specifically states this it is common sense and it is also implied when reading counseling doctrine. …Read More

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Can a counseling statement be written by someone other than the counselor?

I recently received a counseling statement that was written by my OIC, but the counseling was given to me by my NCOIC. Is this within regulation?.. Read the Answer»