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Family Care Plan

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As Caregivers Can We Decide to Terminate Our End of the Family Care Plan?

My husband and I are caring for our daughter's children. She is divorced and is due to be deployed. Custody has not been settled in court. We feel our daughter needs to come home and take care of her children and the custody issues. She got in the Army, now we have the mess. Are we able to terminate a Family Care Plan?.. Read the Answer»

Are there any negative repurcussions in being involuntarily separated for not having a valid family care plan?

Are there any negative repercussions to being involuntarily separated for a not being able to establish a Valid Family Care Plan? I was also told that because I am an NCO that my care plan would be looked at differently, can they do that? I was also told I have to appear before an administrative separation/reduction board and possibly lose rank and get less than an honorable discharge for not having a Family Care Plan... Read the Answer»

HR Actions Tracking Tool

This HR Actions Tracking Tool is a collection of worksheets and checklist to help track and monitor Human Resources activities. It worksheets and checklist included are Suspense, PAT, PERMS, Leader Call, Awards, Long Awards, Driving and Mechanic Badge, Jr Enlisted …Read More

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Counseling Pack of Example Counselings Memorandums

This is a Word format pack of example counselings memorandums.  Counselings covered are overweight, APFT, substandard/discipline, and family care plan. These examples can be used to help you write your own counselings for the subjects covered. NOTE: This document is …Read More

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Can a Soldier volunteer for separation due to not having a valid Family Care Plan?

Can I receive a voluntary chapter for failure to obtain a family care plan?.. Read the Answer»

Family Care Plan Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that contains 9 Slides: topics include: why have a family care plan, who is required to have one, suspense for completion, counseling requirements, and references. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

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How do I help a Soldier who is distracted by responsibilities at home?

I have a Soldier who is a distraction to the platoon because he is constantly away from work for appointments. His wife is in a wheelchair and can't take care of their child. What can I do?.. Read the Answer»