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Can I receive a counseling statement because I refused to buy the new version of a uniform when my current uniform is still authorized for wear?

Can I be counseled for not buying the new version of a uniform... Read the Answer»

Can I be counseled twice for the same incident?

Can I be counseled by two separate individuals in myr chain of command for the SAME incident? .. Read the Answer»

Is there a standardize font to use in Army Writing?

When writing a counseling statement, does it matter if the font is different in each section? If so, is there an AR or FM or something in writing that statement about the font on writing a counseling.. Read the Answer»

Who should counsel my Soldier if they are sent to another section?

My Soldier is currently working in another section. Should I still counsel him? Or does that section NCOIC conduct the counseling?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be counseled by my commander if he was not even present at the event that took place?

If an event took place with a Soldier between an NCO or Officer, should that NCO or Officer counsel you? Or does your commander have the right to counsel you on the event that happened although they weren't there to witness the incident themselves? And if you are counseled, how long after the event take place do you have to counsel that soldier? Also where can I find that regulation?.. Read the Answer»

What evaluation form should I use to counsel an E-4?

Do you have a sample of a E4 Eval Counseling Form. So when the Eval are due there is no surprise to the E4 Something like a NCO support Form.. Read the Answer»

Can someone of the same rank counsel me?

Can an NCO counsel another NCO of the same rank? Can an E6 give a counseling statement to another E6? I work with some Soldiers who think that they can do such a thing. I dont think they can because they are the same rank. If another E5 tried to counsel me, I'd likely take the counseling statement and rip it up and tell him to shove it. What is the Army reg on counselings? .. Read the Answer»

Can I be counseled using email?

Can I be counseled by email?.. Read the Answer»

Should the DA FORM 4856 be used when counseling Officers?

Do Officers use DA Form 4856 for corrective counseling to their subordinate Officers?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Platoon Sergeant counsel his/her Platoon Leader?

Can I counsel my Platoon Leader? How do I contest my NCOER from him? This LT is like a Private, he fails to listen to orders and does his own thing. I know he's going to give me a poor rating... Read the Answer»

Where can I find more information on leadership counseling?

I am a new leader, and I want to find out information on counseling. I heard you were the "go-to guy" on such topics. What's the scoop?.. Read the Answer»

My leader is going to counsel me for something I did not do- What can I do about it?

My NCO is going to give me a 4856 for being formation but i was not late and he still insist that i was late? What can I do?.. Read the Answer»